Honorable Thirty-Third Degree Inspector General Honorary

33° Inspector General Honorary…

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite confers a number of honors upon members who have contributed extraordinary service to the Rite, to Masonry in general, and to the world at large.

Thirty Third Degree – 33° Inspector General Honorary

The Thirty-third Degree is conferred by the Supreme Council upon members of the Rite in recognition of outstanding work in the Rite or in public life. At its biennial session the Supreme Council elects members of the Rite to receive the Degree. Members unanimously so elected become honorary members of the Supreme Council. The Thirty-third Degree may not be requested, and if requested must be refused. The Degree is granted solely out of recognition for outstanding services. These 33° Masons are Inspectors General Honorary and honorary members of the Supreme Council. The active members of the Supreme Council are chosen from among them. The cap for an Inspector General Honorary is white with a white band edged in gold, featuring the symbol for this honorary Degree, a red slanting Patriarchal Cross.

Honorable Thirty-Third Degree Inspector General Honorary

Full Name
Coronation Date
William Michael Alexander10/4/2005
Clifton B Allen11/29/1997
Harold E Armstrong11/24/2007
James A Bailey11/28/2009
Richard L Beckner11/29/2003
Ronnie G Bell11/26/2005
Theodore D Bickel10/18/1989
Carl D Black11/27/1999
Leslie E Black11/26/2005
Terry L. Bowman11/27/1999
William A Buckaway Jr10/23/1975
James L Bullis11/16/2019
David E Carter11/28/2009
Kirk E Carter11/21/2015
Allen Church11/29/2003
Noel D Cissell Jr11/28/2009
Melvin L Cobble11/19/2011
Walter Randolph Coe11/28/2009
Danny K Coffey11/28/2009
Aubrey D Combs11/29/2003
Joseph R Conway11/30/1991
Harry S Davis Jr10/3/2001
Charles O Distler11/16/2013
Jack J Early11/30/1991
Joseph W Flowers11/26/2009
Glenn H Gray11/26/2005
James William Hart11/16/2019
Gary L Hatfield11/21/2015
Lowell Clayton Hightower11/24/2007
Hubert W Huffman Jr10/3/2001
Thomas B Irwin8/22/2017
Charles M Jewell11/25/1995
Doyle E Jones11/16/2013
Arthur L. Kile10/18/1989
Charles P Kilkelly11/18/2017
Claude L C Lane11/27/1999
Virgil T Larimore Jr11/25/1995
Harold L. Lee11/18/2017
William F Lile11/19/2011
Wendell M Littlefield11/19/2011
Franklin D McAlister11/28/2009
Kenneth L Meredith11/27/1999
William F Meyer11/28/2009
G Michael Miller, Sr10/6/1997
Ronald L Miller11/29/2003
Melvin Mullins11/27/1999
David L Owen11/21/2015
John S Payne8/28/2007
Ira L Piercy11/18/2017
Kevin Reardon11/16/2013
James C Reichert11/28/2009
Joseph W Riggs11/29/2003
Albert D Rohrer11/24/1979
James W Ryan11/29/1997
George W Schafer11/28/1981
James S. Sidebottom11/28/2009
Gary W Smith11/27/1999
Paul W Smith10/5/1995
Roger P Smith11/26/2005
Randolph Cranston Starks8/20/2019
Roland T. Stayton11/28/1981
James W Stephens11/16/2013
David F Stewart11/21/2015
Hugh I Stroth Jr11/30/1985
Joseph C Thornton11/24/2007
Joseph C Thornton11/24/2007
Romuel E. Toon11/29/2003
John M. Van Kirk9/26/2000
Mark D Villier11/25/1995
James B Wall11/28/1987
Jerry W Ward11/28/2009
David L White11/26/2005
Worden D. Wilder11/28/2009
Wendell P Wright11/30/1991
Arnold E Wyatt10/3/2001
Donald Howard Yankey8/20/2019